repairing and maintaining a healthy gut.

A dog’s health starts with what you put in their gut. Getting your dog to have good gut health, and maintaining it is vital. You must select food that balances fat, protein, and carbohydrates without access to promote good bacteria to thrive, like Redpaw. Learn more…

The Redpaw Difference is in our dog science from biochemist founder and musher, Eric. His scientific training enabled him to develop foods at the cellular and subcellular level that provide dogs the required fats, probiotics and prebiotics needed for optimal gut health and performance. 

Listen to your dog’s gut. If your dog has loose or runny stools, indigestion, finicky eating, weight loss or gain, hot spots, dull coat, lack of focus, panting, or bad breath, your dog’s gut is telling you it needs repair. Learn which Redpaw product may be right for your dog.

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