Redpaw was founded in 1992 by Eric, a biochemist, and an avid musher. Eric raised hundreds of huskies at his kennel and was keenly aware of what he fed each dog, and the output they produced. With one spoken word, Eric could call all dogs into action. Calm them. Inspire them. Each dog gave their love and performance back to him—so he wanted to give his all to them in return. But Eric got frustrated watching his dogs work their tails off, yet not get the nutritional support they needed to do what they loved the next day again. So he put his scientist hat on and set to work to design the perfect, healthy dog food.

With his biochemistry background, Eric knew how dogs’ bodies work—all the way down to the cellular and sub-cellular levels. His research helped him discover other foods that weren’t working because they weren’t providing the dogs the fats, probiotics, and prebiotics they needed for optimal health and performance. So he designed food that delivered. He discovered the key was gut health.

The results were incredible. So incredible, in fact, that other mushers saw his dogs and knew they needed in on his secret. That’s how Redpaw was born. After decades of field testing and thousands of dogs, Redpaw has produced Iditarod champions to thriving family pets. Redpaw created PowerEdge, formulated for working and sport dogs, and X-series introduced for family dogs.

DOGS FIRST You love your dogs. So do we. Our love of dogs is behind everything we do. So you won’t see us falling prey to trendy ingredients or trying marketing ploys to sell more bags. Our goal is to build on our history of success and uphold our standards of excellence by always putting Dogs First.

RISK-FREE GUARANTEE You’ve seen enough healthy dog food companies making promises they can’t deliver on. That’s why Redpaw stands behind its promises, 100%. We understand how frustrating it is to switch foods and not see the results you expected. That’s why we work hard to make sure Redpaw is the last healthy dog food you’ll ever switch to. The team at Redpaw is sure that your dog will benefit from—and love—our food, no matter what breed, age, or activity level. Give us a try, and if you don’t have a happier, and healthier dog at the end of the 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.