About the Redpaw Family


You’ve seen enough healthy dog food companies making promises they can’t deliver on. That’s why Redpaw stands behind its promises, 100%. We understand how frustrating it is to switch foods and not see the results you expected. That’s why we work hard to make sure Redpaw is the last healthy dog food you’ll ever switch to.

Redpaw understands the unique needs of high-performance dogs. In fact, it’s how we got our start. Eric, our founder, a biochemist and musher who was frustrated by seeing his dogs work their tails off and not get the nutritional support they needed to get back up and do it again the next day. So he put his scientist hat on and set to work to design the perfect healthy dog food. By discovering how dogs’ bodies work—all the way down to the cellular and subcellular levels—he was able to see why other foods weren’t working. They weren’t feeding dogs the fats, probiotics, and prebiotics they needed for optimal health and performance.

So he designed a food that delivered.

The results he saw were amazing. So amazing, in fact, that other mushers saw his dogs and knew they needed in on his secret. That’s how Redpaw was born. Now, 30 years and thousands of dogs later, Redpaw products are all based on Eric’s in-depth understanding of biochemistry. And they’re all proven through decades of field testing in thousands of dogs – from Iditarod champions to dedicated couch potatoes.

You love your dogs. So do we. Our love of dogs is behind everything we do. So you won’t see us making dog food just to sell more bags. Our goal is to build on our history of success and uphold our standards of excellence by always putting Dogs First.TM

The team at Redpaw is sure that your dog will benefit from—and love—our food, no matter what breed, age or activity level. Give us a try, and if you don’t have a happier, and healthier dog at the end of the 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.