Formulas for the
Sport and Working Dog

Keep your eye on the prize, not the food bowl. Your champion deserves the perfect formula for high performance, mega endurance, and quick recovery. That’s just what you’ll get with PowerEdge.

The ideal formula for moderate training and times of average stress.


The perfect formula during intensive training and competition season. Also ideal for pregnant dogs and puppies.

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Success Stories


“My golden retriever, Orion, is powered by Redpaw after making the switch from a grain-free diet. After countless hours of research and talking with a Redpaw, I developed the confidence to make the switch and have not looked back. Within one month of feeding Redpaw, Orion’s recovery times have decreased, and his energy levels increased so that he no longer needs a full day recovery time after training as he had on his previous grain-free diet. My dog has experienced a huge transformation and has become a retrieving machine with a high level of focus and stamina, a happier demeanor, and according to his veterinarian, is in better shape than he was before.”

Adam Gawen (Ontario, Canada)


Titan is one of four dogs in my household. When you have so many dogs it’s hard to find a dog food that meets all of the required nutritional needs for all the various breeds in the family. Redpaw PowerEdge 26K meets that requirement, it’s high palatability satisfies my picky eater too. They may not be athletes or working dogs but the benefits of the top nutrition is evident in all of them.

– Jenessa


“Stanley is my 2 year old Hungarian Vizla, who trains for Search & Rescue and loves pheasant hunting. Even with Vizla’s having a higher tendency of allergies, while feeding Redpaw I have not seen any issues. Started Stanley on Redpaw X-series Puppy with an easy transition to their PowerEdge 32K. His focus is excellent even when he gets all worked up. He never wears out!”

– Cory Crow (Cheyenne, WY)

Husky Homestead

“I starting feeding Redpaw about 10 years ago – long before Redpaw sponsored us. I have tried them all, nothing has outperformed Redpaw for the commercial food in our team’s diet. Palatability combined with ingredients that put the fuel to the pistons. The dogs’ coats are spectacular, and the energy provided by a Redpaw diet nearly endless. We pride ourselves in happy healthy and FAST Huskies. Redpaw is a consistent high-quality food that removes some of the mystery of winning races”

– Jeff King, of Husky Homestead

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