“Wow! What do you feed your dog?”

Your dogs depend on you to give them the foundation they need for a long, healthy, happy life and that starts with premium food. With Redpaw, you can give your dogs the kind of vibrant health that makes people stop and ask your secret.

Success Stories


“I wanted to find a smaller brand of dog food that could meet Bane’s, a 2 year old German Shepard, energy drive. I’m a dog trainer specializing in K9 Bite training – Bane’s focus is excellent as is recovery time and stamina. He has a great looking coat, he’s filling in nicely with lean muscle and there’s always solid stools. I’m confident that I’m feeding him the best nutrition with Redpaw.”

– Paul Salveson (Laramie, WY)


“Stanley is my 2 year old Hungarian Vizla, who trains for Search & Rescue and loves pheasant hunting. Even with Vizla’s having a higher tendency of allergies, while feeding Redpaw I have not seen any issues. Started Stanley on Redpaw X-series Puppy with an easy transition to their PowerEdge 32K. His focus is excellent even when he gets all worked up. He never wears out!”

– Cory Crow (Cheyenne, WY)


“In a couple of weeks of getting Grace, she became quite sick with diarrhea. The vet ran several tests with no concrete results. We tried everything but just after 4 days, she had gone from 22 to 17 pounds. We were scared, then we spoke with Rachel at Ruffing It who recommended Redpaw X-series. After one month we’ve seen positive, healthy results. No more diarrhea, she’s gained her weight back and now is a healthy 40 pound, 6-month-old Bouviers Des Flanders”

– Andrea Q. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Husky Homestead

“I starting feeding Redpaw about 10 years ago – long before Redpaw sponsored us. I have tried them all, nothing has outperformed Redpaw for the commercial food in our team’s diet. Palatability combined with ingredients that put the fuel to the pistons. The dogs’ coats are spectacular, and the energy provided by a Redpaw diet nearly endless. We pride ourselves in happy healthy and FAST Huskies. Redpaw is a consistent high-quality food that removes some of the mystery of winning races”

– Jeff King, of Husky Homestead

Bella Fiore Lagottos

“With Redpaw X-series Puppy the size of poops are smaller, very firm and appropriate size for the puppies with little, if any, bad odor. Unlike the other brands, Redpaw’s promise has been met 100%.”

– Pattie Fischer, www.bellafioreLagottos.com

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