Performance is IN OUR BLOODLINE.

Our story starts with a biochemist/sled dog racer unsatisfied with conventional performance dog foods. As he tweaked and modified his own formulation, he tested it with his own dogs. Before long the dogs were putting forth the effort and performances he knew possible. As other racers took notice, a company was born.

We’ve perfected Redpaw® Dog Foods on our own high-performance, high-endurance dogs. Why? Because when canines perform at the heights of their capabilities, it’s easier to identify and address nutritional deficiencies.  

For the last 15 years, top competitors in all sports, from sled dog racing to dock diving, have trusted Redpaw® PowerEdge™ to help their dogs reach the top levels of competition. Today, we continue to put profits back into thecompany, keeping Redpaw’s® mission provide a high-quality premium performance dog food to every canine possible.

No ordinary dog food. IT’S PERFORMANCE FOOD.

Redpaw® PowerEdge™ is a true performance dog food, specifically formulated with the working and athletic canine in mind.  Right from the start, our formulas are created with performance as the number one priority –  paying special attention to the amounts and variety of amino and fatty acids. PowerEdge™ uses a superior custom nutritional blend that will enable dogs to reach their topmost potential in any field of work and sport.  

It’s the leading dog food every working canine needs for optimum performance, stamina, and endurance.  It’s a difference you’ll see. We guarantee it.



The Redpaw®  PowerEdge™ line contains the following dog foods and supplements:

  • off season
  • normal stress levels
  • moderate training


  • Competition season
  • Elevated stress levels
  • Intensive training
  • Puppies, pregnant and breeding females


  • Arctic expeditions
  • Extreme stress
  • Intense training
  • Very cold temperatures
  • Puppies, pregnant and breeding females


  • Supplement the fat content of diet
  • Balanced fatty acid profile using a blend of fats and oils
  • Liver digest for palatability
  • Mineral content for optimal utilization


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