Cascade Kennel - Washougal, Washington

Alaskan Malamutes and offspring won 8 national titles at the IWPA International weight pulling Championships 2008 and now have a 2 time National Champion, Teton, on both snow and wheels, and Taboo on snow 2008. In addition, our dogs and offspring have now won 21 National weight pulling championships to date.

By feeding Redpaw PowerEdge 32K to our Alaskan Malamutes they have built more muscle and had more stamina & strength during the drag trainings in harness and cart work preparing for the competitions. At the competitions by feeding Redpaw 32K our Alaskan Malamutes performances have been nothing less then outstanding to be bringing home the National titles. We also feed Redpaw to our puppies. It gives them the head start they need to become top winning weight pulling Champions.

We feed and recommend Redpaw!
Madeleine Nathan Sellers, Cascade Kennel Alaskan Malamutes, Washington