Redpaw offers two lines of dog food and products:


We recognize that many dogs are not high-endurance canine athletes; they are family companions. However, your dog will benefit from the same nutritional foundation – resulting in a healthier and happier family companion.  Learn more...


Redpaw® PowerEdge™ is a true high performance line of dog foods, treats, and supplements specifically formulated with the working and athletic canine in mind. Learn more...


Is your dog food company making the right choices for your dog?

Discussing pet foods in general can be very challenging. There are many options to look at on the store shelves and much “expert” advice can be had at a click of a mouse. Are your dogs wolves in shepherd’s clothing, or something completely different? The reality is that many facts, much action and even more marketing spin has blended into how most pet foods are made today. The starting point on much of the research that has been done on pet nutrition has been disease, not wellness. Assumptions for diets of working dogs were taken from an energy standpoint only, not the ability of the dog to adapt to the energy load and from what nutrients that energy comes from.

We Look at Dogs Differently. Redpaw dog foods were developed from the standpoint that the dog was perfect and it was our job to provide the best way to fuel that perfection. Eric Morris, founder of Redpaw Dog Food took on this challenge while he was working in the research labs of the University of Iowa, after he became interested in sled dog racing. He approached the diet of these dogs in a scientific way, looking in the lab at live muscle cell nutrient uptake to prove what was happening, not  just assuming what others said was true. His formulas were then tested under the most extreme conditions that dogs encounter - long distance sled dog racing. For the last 15 years, top competitors in all sports, from sled dog racing to dock diving, have trusted Redpaw to help their dogs reach the top levels of competition.

To truly assess how Redpaw is right for your dog, we would need to talk about how to feed the dogs, when to feed the dogs and the milestones you can expect to see in the days and weeks ahead as the dogs convert to Redpaw. We will point out the potential differences in requirements during extreme stresses vs everyday physical activity.

We are often asked for the simple answer as to why is our food better than X, Y or Z foods. We wish it was simple, but the reality is that nutrition is a very complicated topic, and the answer lies in the details, not necessarily the stuff you read on the labels, the web, or brochures. The short answer we live by: we put Dogs First!

We know that our results speak for themselves:

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