Penny and Kevin Nelson - Poynette, Wisconsin

My husband and I are recreational mushers in SouthCentral Wisconsin. We also have been involved in Siberian Husky and sled dog rescue for 7 years. Some of our foster dogs are in pretty good shape when they come to us, but we have had some that would bring tears to your eyes.

We first tried Redpaw food about a year and a half ago when we picked up a rescued Inuit Sled Dog from Linda Fredrickson near the Twin Cities. She sent a bag of Redpaw home with us and it was a hit with all of our dogs.

Unfortunately, we did not know of anyone near that carried it and could not store a pallet worth of food. Early last spring we discovered that Sarah and Paul Thuot near Lodi were distributors for your company. We contacted them and have been buying our food from them every since. Not only is it GREAT for our sled dogs, it is incredible how fast our foster dogs start to improve as soon as we put them on it! They start to gain healthy weight and their coats begin to improve almost over night. We also have a couple of old retired dogs and it is much easier to control their weight with the RedPaw.

We have almost 20 dogs of our own and all except one are from shelters and rescues. Most are actively involved in our recreational teams and ALL are healthy and happy - a lot of which has to do with the Redpaw. We will probably never win a race or a weight pull, or a beauty contest since we have such a mix of Sibes, Mals, Inuits, and Alaskans. But our mutts are the best that they can be and they are happy, what more can we ask for!!

Thank you Redpaw.
Penny and Kevin Nelson
The Storm Shelter Sled Dogs and Rescue, Poynette, Wisconsin