Jeff Kuchel

Professional Dog Trainer

"Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend."  -– Corey Ford

Born in Illinois, Jeff Kuchel became interested in sporting dogs in 2008.  A strong advocate for dog fitness , he consistently promotes activity is a key component to maintaining a dog’s health.

Jeff is a trainer in obedience, canine swimming, and dock diving at a local facility. His dogs compete in a wild flying, K9 watersport called dock diving  as well as competing in obedience trials and disc dog events. One for learning and taking on new feats, Jeff is currently adding Mondioring to his routine. 

Along with his wife, they travel across the U.S. with 3 dogs. Fletcher and Maggie are yellow Labrador Retrievers, and the newest member of the family, Phoenix is a black Labrador/Belgian Malinois mix.


  • 2014 - Eastern Regional Qualifier for the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge (1 of 6 invitations)
  • 2011-Dock Dogs National Championship - 3rd place in Speed retrieve
    -  Nominee for Most Improved Handler
  • 2012-Dock Dogs Worldwide Championship - 2nd place in Big Air
    - Most improved Handler Award      
    - Peer nominated for Sports Person of the Year, Most Inspiring Team, and Most Exciting Team
  • 2013-Dock Dogs Worldwide Championship - 5th place Warrior Iron Dog

“Since entering the world of dog sports, I have learned much, and the dog's achievements have been many. I have found that Redpaw dog food has aided their success. This diet has allowed the dogs to maintain a healthy weight, reduced shedding, and has decreased their activity recovery time. These benefits are essential in competitive dog sports. At every event we attend, people compliment the coats, build , and stamina of my dogs. I do not hesitate to give credit to Redpaw!”