Katie Sowell

I met a Redpaw customer and his dog at a recent dock diving event where both of our dogs were competing. He told us about Redpaw products and all of the benefits of your dog foods. We did some of our own research and he advised us to give Randy (one of your employees) a call as well. My husband gave Randy a call for a few questions. I'm pleased to say that after speaking with Randy we are excited to inform you that we have made our first purchase. My husband and I love what we have heard so far and look forward to the benefits of your products. Our dog Mia is a yellow lab and  just turned 1 years old on March 25th, 2014. We are excited to see the positive results of your products in her future dock diving, obedience, agility (which we hope to take up later this fall) and her general over all appearance, health and attitude.  I have attached photos of her dock diving from this past weekend at The Ultimate Sports Show in Grand Rapids , MI which we competed in and Mia obtained her personal best jump so far of 15 feet and 7 inches. We just wanted to let you know how we had heard great things about your product and are again excited to see what it can do for Mia). I hope to be able to send you more emails telling you about our continued success this summer and years to come!