Eddy & Amy Streeper

Streeper Kennel | Osage, MN

You can't help someone who won't help themselves.   —Eddy

I believe the most important component to a superb sled dog is 'heart' and the relationship to their musher.   —Amy

For 17 generations we've bred our own cross's: greyhound crossed with different pointer lines and a little Alaskan Huskies mixed in. We keep approximately 100 dogs, from puppies to retired veterans, in the kennel. We try to raise 4-5 litters a year. We sell dogs of all ages, from pups to proven veterans—we specialize in lead dogs for any class.


  • 2012 The Pas, 1st Place 6-dog
  • 3-time World Champion
  • 1-time Open North American Champion
  • 10-time Canadian Open Champion


  • IFSS 6-dog World Champion, 1991 in Winnipeg
  • 1995 & 1996 Open North American Champion
  • Raced all over northern USA and Canada