Officer Trisha Burington

Sheboygan Police K9

K9 Bud was sent to me in the Spring of 2009. He came with some digestive issues, and he was about 10 pounds underweight. I tried several different dog foods and nothing helped.
He has a very high metabolism, and he wasn't getting the nutrition he needed. He has a very demanding role being a narcotics K9, and is expected to search large buildings and areas, and have strength and endurance. I reached out to Redpaw for help. I started Bud on their food and within a few weeks he was digesting his food and putting on weight. I am very pleased with this product, and it shows in my K9 partner's performance.

Thank you Redpaw,
Officer Trisha Burington, Sheboygan Police K9

Kathy Amrine

I wanted to let you know that Redpaw works wonders on dogs shown at confirmation shows as well as performance dogs.

I own and show an Akita. I had numerous coat issues while feeding (a different brand), large patches of hair gone clear to the skin, but healthy skin. (My Vet), one of your distributors and in my mind, pretty much one of the best Vet's I have ever seen, recommended Redpaw PowerEdge 32K. We have been on it for almost a year now, and we no longer have any coat issues. She is strong, athletic and a force to be reckoned with in the show ring.

Kathy Amrine and BPINSS SheBogi's Fly'N High ShowKayce

Lance Mackey - Fox, Alaska

In the Winter of 2002, around November, the weather where we were training was getting colder and the dogs were losing interest in the food we were feeding. Some were starting to lose weight, so we found other fat sources to help and hopefully get their appetite back. To our surprise, this wasn't helping. Our training was starting to slow because of the poor appetite and performance. We needed to do something fast.

A friend had told me about how his dogs always ate their food, Redpaw, a fish based food. This sounded perfect, as my dogs eat a lot of fish and have never turned it down. So we bought 10 bags the next day. The first thing I noticed was every dog ate everything, and did so again the next day, and the next. Before long everything was going good again. Dogs were eating, gaining weight, and more importantly, their attitude was way up. Always!

We would stop to rest, the dogs went crazy. We would finish the run, the dogs would still be barking and eager to go and were never tired and laying down. This was something that was very noticeable. We went on feeding Redpaw that year, but unfortunately didn't finish the Iditarod that year due to other reasons, but the dogs were doing good.

In 2004 me and my brother raced together, again using Redpaw with Ophir Gold products. Out of 32 Iditarod dogs, most under the age of 3, 26 finished. Again Redpaw was a huge factor. 2005 was even better. We are seeing stronger dogs, more alert, and attitude was 2nd to none. However and whatever it takes, we will feed Redpaw foods as long as we are racing dogs.

Lance Mackey


Career Highlights:
Iditarod Champion 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Yukon Quest Champion and record holder, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
2005 Yukon Quest "Rookie of the Year" Award
2006 Yukon Quest "Dawson Half Way" Award
2005, 2006 Yukon Quest "Golden Harness" Awards (Larry and Hobo)
Iditarod Top 10 Finisher, 2005 & 2006
2006 Copper Basin 300 Champion
2006 Kobuk 440 Champion
2003 Knik 200 Champion

Ken Anderson - Fox, Alaska

My wife, Gwen Holdmann, and I began feeding Redpaw about two years ago. Prior to that we had been feeding another premium food. We switched the dogs over cold turkey and were impressed to see that they took to it immediately; eating with vigor and not having any stool problems. We also noticed an immediate reduction in stool volume. The best thing about the food was that it was several dollars cheaper than the food we had been using, and the dogs seemed to do better on it.

After a few months we noticed that their coats had become much shinier. We switched the dogs over in the summer and that fall the dogs put on much more muscle mass than in previous years under similar training conditions.

We believe it was the catalyst that took our kennel to the next higher level. We have tried EVERY top pet food over the last ten years in an effort to find the best possible food for our dogs. We're done looking because there isn't a single thing we don't like about this food. The dogs love it, they've never been healthier, and it's much more affordable. I'm not surprised to see that more and more kennels are switching to Redpaw because it's the best deal around.

Sean M. Siggins - Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

Location: Shrewsbury, PA
Dogs in Kennel: 1
Breed: Belgian Malinios
Type of Activity: Police / Protection Sports
Other Experience: K9 Officer, National Police Decoy, National (P.S.A.)Protection Sports Assocation Decoy, Member of (P.P.C.A.)Penna. Police Canine Assoc., K9 SWAT Handler/Dog Team.
Training Regime: Daily training in patrol and detector work
Feeding Strategy: 2 to 3 cups a day with hot water

Comments about Redpaw: Looked for 3 YEARS and about 10 different feeds for one that could keep weight on my Police/Sport Dogs and one that could do what it said it could. I needed a feed that delt with K9's in a highly stressful environment and were worked continuously at a very high level. After having my service dog on Redpaw for a little over a month I noticed he maintained his weight without supplementing his diet. His stools were smaller and consistent even when stressed in training. His energy level has been real high. It's remained high longer through training and his focus has been excellent. I don't know how many Police K9's are on Redpaw but I wish I would have discovered it a long time ago. Thanks for making a high quality feed.

Terry Streeper - Fort Nelson, BC Canada

We have been feeding Redpaw for 1 year; we switched over to it last September. The dogs had no problems in switching over and loved it. We immediately saw smaller and firmer stools.

During the 2005 Atta Boy stage race our team was having trouble keeping weight on and was running out of gas during the later parts of the stage. We had been feeding a high percentage of meat in our diet. We tripled the amount of Redpaw we were feeding and the results were immediate. Buddy came from a 20 minute deficit to win the final stage and win the race. The credit had to go to Redpaw. We have fed a lot of different foods in the last 30 years and I know we are using the best when we feed Redpaw.

Rob Lombard - Iron River, Wisconsin

Rob Lombard is married and has four children. He has been mushing 4 years and has 25 Alaskan Huskies. He runs mid and long distance races.

Kennel Name: Frost Line Kennels
Location: Iron River, Wisconsin
Racing Experience: Empire 130 in 2002 8 dog placed 27th, Apostle Islands Sled Dog 6 dog class 3rd in 2002, John Beargrease mid distance 150 2002 placed 15th.
Other Experience: Minnesota Boundary Waters week long snoring expedition.
Training Regime: Pull hard and slow in early season focusing on forming good running, pulling, resting and hookup habits. Then increase distance after the basics are instilled into the dogs.
Feeding Stategy: I like to feed the easiest way possible and with RedPaw that is made incredibly possible. All I do whether I am training or just a normal feeding is to feed the dry 32/20 meal ration along with water. No pre-mixing involved. Just dump a scoop of meal and 1-2 scoops of water and the dog is guaranteed to get the water and nutrients it needs.

Comments about Redpaw: I have been feeding RedPaw for 3 years now. There are a lot of benefits to mention with feeding RedPaw to working and non-working dogs alike but the most noticeable benefits are the ones that you can see. In that matter, I have noticed with dogs that I have bought for racing from other kennels that feed mostly meat with some dry mix is that their coats are brittle and dry. They suffer from bald spots that are created due to collar and harness wear. Once they have been fed RedPaw for about 1 year and they have had a chance to blow their coats a couple of times it is amazing what a difference comes out. No more collar or harness wear, their coats become soft and shiny, and in most cases they look like a completely different dog because certain colors come out in their coats that were never evident before. I can only imagine that the physical appearance improving like that means that their immune system, mental abilities, and muscular development all improve as well.

Philip Lester - Vancouver, Canada

Wanted to let you know that everything you mentioned about your product has come to fruition and we are "sold" on it. My 4 month old girl has been given 32K as a starting diet with no other additives necessary and she continues to grow as expected. I have also been giving my 3 1/2 yr old rottweiler male the Redpaw diet and he immediately has taken to it, requiring no transition with his previous food. His interest in mealtimes has actually increased. His poo is less and more solid than ever before. His coat is also shinier. My thanks and congratulations to Redpaw for such a great product!

Cascade Kennel - Washougal, Washington

Alaskan Malamutes and offspring won 8 national titles at the IWPA International weight pulling Championships 2008 and now have a 2 time National Champion, Teton, on both snow and wheels, and Taboo on snow 2008. In addition, our dogs and offspring have now won 21 National weight pulling championships to date.

By feeding Redpaw PowerEdge 32K to our Alaskan Malamutes they have built more muscle and had more stamina & strength during the drag trainings in harness and cart work preparing for the competitions. At the competitions by feeding Redpaw 32K our Alaskan Malamutes performances have been nothing less then outstanding to be bringing home the National titles. We also feed Redpaw to our puppies. It gives them the head start they need to become top winning weight pulling Champions.

We feed and recommend Redpaw!
Madeleine Nathan Sellers, Cascade Kennel Alaskan Malamutes, Washington

Penny and Kevin Nelson - Poynette, Wisconsin

My husband and I are recreational mushers in SouthCentral Wisconsin. We also have been involved in Siberian Husky and sled dog rescue for 7 years. Some of our foster dogs are in pretty good shape when they come to us, but we have had some that would bring tears to your eyes.

We first tried Redpaw food about a year and a half ago when we picked up a rescued Inuit Sled Dog from Linda Fredrickson near the Twin Cities. She sent a bag of Redpaw home with us and it was a hit with all of our dogs.

Unfortunately, we did not know of anyone near that carried it and could not store a pallet worth of food. Early last spring we discovered that Sarah and Paul Thuot near Lodi were distributors for your company. We contacted them and have been buying our food from them every since. Not only is it GREAT for our sled dogs, it is incredible how fast our foster dogs start to improve as soon as we put them on it! They start to gain healthy weight and their coats begin to improve almost over night. We also have a couple of old retired dogs and it is much easier to control their weight with the RedPaw.

We have almost 20 dogs of our own and all except one are from shelters and rescues. Most are actively involved in our recreational teams and ALL are healthy and happy - a lot of which has to do with the Redpaw. We will probably never win a race or a weight pull, or a beauty contest since we have such a mix of Sibes, Mals, Inuits, and Alaskans. But our mutts are the best that they can be and they are happy, what more can we ask for!!

Thank you Redpaw.
Penny and Kevin Nelson
The Storm Shelter Sled Dogs and Rescue, Poynette, Wisconsin

Rick Snyder - Kokomo, Indiana

I wanted to pass on to you our experience with feeding Redpaw. In December of 2001 my son purchased Dusty, an alaskan husky, from Brian and Linda Fredrickson in Minnesota. Actually we purchased 5 bags of Red Paw dog food, as Linda would not "sell" her Dusty. So we began feeding Redpaw at that time to the huskies and our family Gordon Setter, Dixon. This story is actually about Dixon.

At the time of the switch to Redpaw, Dixon had a history of stomach problems that resulted in severe cramping to the point of not being able to walk. The problem was associated with food and switching foods was tried without much success. Also, at the same time he developed a skin condition that caused hair to fall out and severe itching and a rash. He was a mess.

We completely switched him over to Redpaw in January of 2002 and I am happy to report he has not had one incident of cramping and his skin condition has completely disappeared. He also had been a very fussy eater, but now he meets us at the door, at feeding time, and devours his food, just like the huskies.

Thanks a lot to Redpaw for providing a very excellent dog food at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work.
Rick, Marlene and Chase Snyder
Kokomo, Indiana

William Kleedehn - Carcross, YT Canada

A very good and at the same time affordable pet food is not easy to find. The search was over once I started using Redpaw!

After switching over to Redpaw I was very happy to see that my dogs liked the food right from the beginning. There were no loose stools or any other signs of concern during training or at the races. After a while I noticed a shiny coat and a better attitude on all dogs.

It is always a gamble to use a different dry food during the long distance races (you can't just go and get something else if things don't work out on the trail). I found that the only worry with Redpaw would be if you run out of it for whatever reason. The dogs always liked to eat it even as a snack just the way it comes out of the bag.

Many teams in my area switched to Redpaw as well with the same positive results. Redpaw will be my pet food of choice for the future and I recommend it strongly to all other mushers or working dog owners!

Doug Ruzicka - Alaska

Let me tell you about our success with Redpaw. My daughter, Rebekah has run the Junior Iditarod the last three years. Her first year she finished in 21st place. Her second year she finished in 13th place.

After that year we began using Redpaw products exclusively and she finished in third place this year. Had she not made a wrong turn in the fog on the Yetna River she would have finished second behind Lance Mackey's son, Cain. Iditarod veteran, Vern Halter, noted that her team looked the best of all the teams entered in the Junior Willow 100. Her training speeds have increased 2 to 3 miles per hour over what they were last year. And this is with the same team that she had last year. We are really looking forward to next year!

Doug Ruzicka